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As you can see, this is a really strong testimonial about Viva paper towels.  As you can see, the commercial about Viva paper towels is quite compelling.  In fact, I use Viva paper towels a good bit.  I have to admit, even though Bounty is rated the best, the Viva paper towels are very durable.  In addition Viva paper towels stretch, so they should be given strong consideration.  Why not click on the link at the bottom, and get the Viva paper towel coupon and give them a try?

Here are the various product lines for Viva Paper towels.

Viva Vantage-NEW Viva® VantageTM Towels are made with a revolutionary V-FlexTM Weave. This breakthrough gives them remarkable stretch, scrubbing power and absorbency.

Viva Paper Towels Coupons

Viva®White Towels are your perfect companion for taking on tough messes. Strong and absorbent, clean and simple.

Viva is a paper towel product made from Kimberly-White.  If you are looking for a printable online coupon for Viva, click here.

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Viva Paper Towels


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