Top Paper Towel Reviews

paper towel review testSome paper towels are much better than others.  The paper towel review test was based upon absorbency, scrubbing strength, and wet strength.  Thus, it is no real surprise who is at the top of the paper towel review list, but it is surprising to see how little competition their was.  Among the 18 products we tested, three Bounty products were best, but a fourth version absorbed less than its brand mates.  There was a wide assortment of pricing anywhere from 2 to 4 dollars per 100 square feet.  Wal-Mart paper towel did well for $2.09 per 100 square feet.  The top one ply went to Viva, which I can certainly agree with, that is one tough paper towel!

There are some paper towels that are made from recycling material, and those should be given strong consideration because they are extremely environmentally friendly.

The green brands that were tested were Seventh Generation Right Size and Scott Naturals Mega Roll Choose-A-Size.  Those both scored in the low 40’s in the Consumer Reports rating.

I support the recommendation of Consumer Reports that Bounty is #1.  You can find Bounty printable paper towel coupons here.