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sparkle paper towels

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I have bought a lot of Sparkle paper towels in the past.  I have used Sparkle Paper Towels Coupons in the past.  They are cheaper than some of the top named brands, and Sparkle paper towels performed fairly well when using them.  Sparkle paper towels has thirst pockets, which help to absorb more spills.  Sparkle is made by Georgia Pacific.  According to Good Housekeeping, Sparkle was an average paper towel with a C+ rating.

Here are the Pros of Sparkle Paper Towels:

-Good wet strength

-Leaves little lint

-Inexpensive compared to top brands

Here are the Cons of Sparkle Paper Towels:


-Slow to absorb

In order to absorb a big spill, you will need to use a lot of paper towels to clean up a big mess.  However, if you are on a limited budget, and don’t have a lot of spills to clean up, this would be a good paper towel to use.

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