Scott Paper Towels

Scott Paper Towels


Scott paper towels is another well known top brand in the paper towels market.  Here are the product lines that Scott has:

Scott® Towels feature unique ridges that quickly and effectively absorb messes and leave surfaces clean and dry. That’s why you and your family can count on
Scott® Towels to provide a sensible balance of value and performance.  Scott Paper Towels come in a pack of 1,2,3,6,8, and 10.

Scott Naturals® Towels contain a sensible blend of 60% recycled fibers that keep our paper towels absorbent. Scott Naturals® products help you take a green step without sacrificing quality.  Scott Naturals come in a pack of 1,2,5,8, and 10.

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Scott was founded in 1879.  It was stared in Philadelphia by two brothers Clarence and Irwin.  Their goal was to help people be more hygenic creating products such as napkins and towels.  Throughout the years, Scott® continued to grow while staying focused on honest
quality and practical value. The 1960s saw Scott® Towels as the first available
in designer prints. In the 1990s Kimberly-Clark acquired Scott® Paper towels and later
introduced revolutionary fast-absorbing ridges in paper towels.

It would be hard to imagine life without the good old paper towel.

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