What is a Paper Towel?

paper towel

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A paper towel is an absorbent textile that is made from paper instead of cloth.  Paper towels are meant to be used once, and then are thrown away.  The paper towel is able to absorb water because of the loose weaves that allow water to pass through them.  They can be individually packaged or can be packaged in bulk.  Most people use paper towels for the same reasons they use cloth towels: wiping hands, cleaning up spills, and dusting.  If you are looking for printable paper towels coupons click here.

The first paper towel was created by the Scott company in Philadelphia.  The original creation was to help prevent the spread of colds and disease by creating a disposable form of the cloth towel.  In fact, it was pretty much created by accident.  It is amazing that such a simple creation is still widely used today.  If you would like to get more information about the various brands of paper towels can find out about the following brands here:

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