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Viva Paper Towels is one of the best recognized brand names in the United States.  The Viva Paper towels are the most durable paper towels on the market today.  I personally use VIVA paper towels since they are so durable.   I find that I can use 1 Viva paper towel compared to multiple paper towels from the other brands.  Here are the details on the Viva Paper Towels.

  • Choose-A-Size paper towels let you choose the size you need
  • Fiber-packed sheets to help you clean your toughest messes
  • Soft and strong like cloth, so they feel good while working hard
  • Stays tough when wet to resist ripping or tearing
  • One Viva Big Roll is equal to 1.33 Viva Regular Rolls

If you are looking for the #7 paper towels best seller on Amazon you have found it.  In addition you can save so much time and effort in not having to worry about going to the store, that you can order Viva paper towels online and save your valuable time.  In addition Amazon has FREE SHIPPING which is fantastic through their AMAZON PRIME membership.  Amazon also offers a subscription model where you can automatically set when you need Viva paper towels and those will be delivered right to you door when you need them!

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