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Bounty is one of the top brands for paper towels.  They have several different types so you can choose the Bounty paper towels that best matches your needs in terms of quality and price.  Here are the different kinds of Bounty paper towels:

Bounty 2X-This Bounty paper towels Quicker Picker-Upper is 2x more absorbent so you can handle big clean-ups and still use less.

Bounty Basic-Bounty Basic paper towel is the strong, but affordable, picker-upper. It’s 50% stronger than the leading bargain towel and affordably priced.

Bounty DuraTowel-Ditch the germy dishcloth, and switch to Bounty DuraTowel. It’s the durable, cloth-like picker-upper that leaves surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth.  Recommended by The Mommy MD Guides!

Bounty Extrasoft-Bounty ExtraSoft has the strength and absorbency of regular Bounty paper towels and a softness that’s gentle enough for a child’s skin. From spaghetti-sauce-covered faces to creative work spaces, ExtraSoft gets it Bounty clean.

The “quicker, thicker picker-upper” Bounty paper towels blew away the competition in Consumer Reports’ latest report on paper towels.

Blowouts are “rare” in the magazine’s tests, but Daniel DiClerico, senior editor at Consumer Reports, said Bounty DuraTowel, from Procter & Gamble, had a landslide victory with a score of 96 out of 100. The next highest-scoring product, Bounty Extra Soft, scored 75.

The third place winner was also a Bounty paper towels product, Bounty Giant, which earned 72 points.

Eighteen paper towels were tested for absorbency, scrubbing, and wet strength.

I always save money if I can.  I either find paper towels coupons in the Sunday paper or online printable coupons.  I have found some online that you are welcome to use.  If you are looking for Bounty paper towels coupons please click here.

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